Coatings shall be applied by spray except as hereinafter
specified. At the time of application, coating shall
show no signs of deterioration. Uniform suspension of
pigments shall be maintained during application. Coating
shall be applied so finished surfaces shall be free from
runs, drops, voids, ridges, waves, laps, pinholes, brush
marks and variations in color, texture and finish.
Coverage shall be complete. Special attention shall be
given to insure that all surfaces, including edges,
corners, crevices, welds and rivets receive a film thick-
ness equal to that of the adjacent surfaces.

Adequate ventilation shall be provided during coating
application. Respirators shall be worn by all personnel
engaged in spray work.

Prep work
Before the Fiberglass is applied. The Crew has to prep the surpface, by filling in any gaps or holes in the areas.