General Description

Work Included: Interior surfaces of car washes, including the walls and ceiling, if specified, are to be coated with fiberglass indicated on the drawings and as specified herein.

This is our step by step process of the fiberglass lining of the walls and ceiling in the automatic car wash bays. This includes new construction and renovating existing car washes. Fiberglassing can be applied over ceramic tile, cement tile, cement block and even metal surfaces with proper preparation.

It is our experience that the fiberglass liner is far superior to the yearly painting of these bays, which most companies are currently doing. The paint on these car washes is either blown off by high pressure sprayers
used in cleaning or peels away due to the constant water and detergent exposure.

With ceramic-glazed tile, the joints are not waterproof, are very prone to black mildew and permeate water through the joints. Also, the ceilings are left unfinished.

The fiberglass is a smooth, waterproof one piece liner with no seams. Mildew, mud and road grime does not adhere to sides and ceiling. We pigment the resin before application so the color does not peel off or fade. If  the liner is scratched it is the same color throughout. Additionally, the life expectancy of fiberglass will exceed twenty years, representing considerable savings on maintenance and repair costs.