Manufacturer's Instructions: A detailed installation procedure shall be submitted for approval. At a minimum, this submittal shall include the following items:

l. A complete list of all materials to be used
in the coating process.

2. Complete list of all the tools and equipment
to be used in the coating process.

3. Detailed mixing, thinning and application
instructions, minimum and maximum application
temperature for application, curing time and
drying time between coats.

4. Detailed step by step installation instructions,
including specific tools and equipment used for each

Test Sample: a 12" X 12" plywood sheet shall be covered with the complete coating system. This sample shall display all of the salient qualities expected of the actual car wash application. Once this sample is approved, they will be used for comparison to the actual finished product. The actual car wash application shall be of equal quality.

Colors and Tints: Colors and tints shall be selected
by the Contractor. Stains shall conform in shade to
Manufacturer's standard color.

Material Requirements: Materials shall meet requirements 
of the specifications listed herein except when
the required quality of a material is 25 gallons or
less, an approved proprietary brand of materials
similar in intended usage and color to that specified
may be used.